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Posted by Philip on 14 December 2011, 5:49 pm in , ,

Housing NZ continues to ignore threat on my life

Update 15 Dec: I have had contact with Housing NZ and wheels seem to be turning. Will keep you informed. Thanks all once again for your support.

Some may know I've been harassed by my neighbour since April this year. He's banged on walls, yelled homopohobic abuse, thrown water, among other things. I've complained repeatedly to my landlord, Housing New Zealand.

A few weeks ago, he was arrested for breaching a trespass order (which he told me wouldn't stop him killing me) when he came onto my property to abuse and assault my gardener for blowing a leaf onto his garden.

Last week I took Housing NZ to the Tenancy Tribunal, complaining that, by failing to deal with the situation earlier and more recently to move him, Housing NZ has permitted my neighbour to continue to interfere with my reasonable peace, comfort and privacy, in breach of s.38(2) of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

The adjudicator found in my favour, awarding me compensatory damages under s.77 of the Act for loss of quiet enjoyment and requiring Housing NZ to take effective steps immediately to ensure my neighbour stops disturbing me.

My neighbour has a brain injury and does not take his medication regularly. That's what causes the outbursts. So the only way he will stop disturbing me is not to live next to me. The adjudicator rightly pointed out that this is a difficult situation. Housing NZ has a responsibility towards both of us by virtue of disability.

But Housing NZ continue not to act.

I rang my tenancy manager yesterday – his voicemail said he's on leave until next week, but he didn't tell me. I emailed one of his managers last night, who this morning replied by passing it onto another manager. He hasn't replied yet.

I've always been grateful to Housing NZ, but I'm tired of jumping at every noise. This bureaucratic procrastination is really beginning to annoy me. 

I really wonder, given my life has already been threatened, what these Housing NZ employees are thinking. What could the situation look like if they leave it too late to actually do something?