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Leadership as host, disruptor, navigator

As Director of the Be. Leadership programme, which is now welcoming 2017 applications, I answered some questions on what different leadership styles mean. Published on Stuff.co.nz on 1 July 2016.

What does being a leader as host/disrupter/navigator mean?

I think the three roles have in common the quality of courage, humility and generosity.

Leader as host requires the generosity of extending an invitation to start a new conversation or action; the courage is to accept the possibility of your invitation being rejected; and it takes humility to stop a rejection from weakening your resolve.

As disrupters, leaders need to courageously go against the status quo; they humbly present an alternative perspective, solution or priority; finally they apply generosity to openly listen and hear others' responses.

While navigating, leaders courageously offer a direction, generously invite others on the journey and, if it's the wrong direction, admit so with humility.

How does this fit with this year's leadership week theme of #believeyoucan?

Believing you can, in leadership, take these three roles, is crucial.

They are uncertain roles: they require being comfortable with uncertainty, not always knowing outcomes and the potential to be wrong.

Self-belief enables the intention needed to take these roles.

What is the greatest issue facing leadership as host/disruptor/navigator?

The greatest issue facing these leadership roles is that they are not roles we traditionally expect leaders to take.

We expect authority, control, certainty, expertise and a guarantee of success.

And, if we look around us, we see a world where these styles of leadership have, in the most part, failed.

How can we overcome that challenge?

Decay: we need to decay our expectations of and dependency on authority, control, certainty, expertise and guarantees of success.

In the space created we can foster our belief in ourselves to have the courage, humility and generosity to host, disrupt and navigate towards a better, more sustainable, more diverse and happier future.

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