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Posted by Philip on 2 March 2012, 7:00 am in , , ,

On being creative and organised

Many people I've talked to this year are in agreement: 2012 is busier than ever. It seems to have started at a pace faster than ever.

Certainly it's so for me. As many opportunities continue and more present themselves, I'm reflecting on the balance between being creative and organised. I don't want my creativity to overwhelm my organisation; but equally I don't want to be so organised that I forfeit my creative way of working.

So, how to maintain such a balance? Here's my thinking followed by a diagram I drew in my journal:

  1. Creativity and organisation are not polar opposites, though they may seem so. Rather than depicting them as a spectrum, better to bend the spectrum into a circle so that they sit at the same point.
  2. What sits in the space in between?
  3. Now separating both into separate circles side by side, the two become the infinity symbol (lamniscate) and the space in between is where the laniscate crosses from one side to the other.
  4. Looking more closely at what creativity is, Jonah Leher says there are three types: epiphany, insight and relaxation. Sir Ken Robinson defines creativity as "original ideas that have value" and that it takes intelligence which is "diverse, distinct and dynamic".
  5. A Google search on "being organised" revealed an article (inaccessible at time of writing) that broke it down into prioritising, proactivity, planning time for tasks not just meetings, giving everything its place and scheduling. It also advised taking small steps, doing one thing at a time, being realistic about how long things take and paying attention to bio-rhythms (different tasks are better done at different times).

My learnings were this:

  1. My strengths are epiphany, insight, prioritising, being proactive, scheduling, small steps, time realism and bio-rhythmic awareness
  2. Time planning, giving everything its place and relaxation are my weaknesses.
  3. My learning edge is 3 of 11 aspects.
  4. I'm less than 33% away from optimal performance.