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Car crash court case part 1

Posted by Philip on 6 December 2016, 4:36 pm in , , , , ,

You may remember I was involved in a car crash back in April. Tomorrow I'm likely to need to go to court to testify against the young man who caused the crash.

To be honest, on one hand I hope I'm not required (the Police said they may have enough witnesses). Courts are such shaming places and the guy was really young — we've all done stupid stuff at his age.

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Total disrespect of State tenants, even from Labour!

Posted by Philip on 1 October 2012, 12:50 pm in , , , ,

"Labour's housing spokeswoman, Annette King, said [high value Housing NZ] homes should be sold." reported The Herald on Friday.

She continued, "A place that's worth $1.3 million could provide three houses. I have no problem with state house tenants being rehoused into another house, a suitable house, if it's going to enable more families to be housed."

I never thought I'd hear a Labour politician put money above the respect and dignity of a Housing NZ tenant. But, it seems, even the left now can't see past dollar signs to recognise that a house – even one owned by the Government – is more than just a house.

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