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Posted by Philip on 20 March 2012, 7:47 am in , , ,

What Google can teach us about raising children

Computer translation has been around since the 1950s, according to online geek-zine Gizmodo. Apparently back then the first computer able to translate one language into the other had six grammar rules and a vocabulary of 300 words.

Google has, in its enigmatic way, recently revolutionalised computer translation. As you probably know, Google Translate can translate just about anything into anything.

Google started with rules and then realised there was a better way. They began feeding their super-Google-computers thousands and millions of existing translations — really good translations, some from the UN even — and let the computers work out patterns and create their own rules.

It struck me that there's a lesson there for how we raise and teach children — and adults for that matter. Rather than teaching rules — do this, don't do the other — we'd be much better to expose them to countless stories and experiences — wise stories and great experiences — and let them work out patterns and create their own rules.

Imagine that world, would you?

And notice — as you go about your day, particularly watching and reading the news, listening to music, going to the movies — how currently, we mostly do the opposite.

Watch more about Google Translate here.