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Posted by Philip on 15 November 2016, 2:50 pm in , , , , , , ,

When will the world feel safe again?

I don't know about you but, to me, the world doesn't feel very safe at the moment. In fact, it feels pretty bloody scary right now.

Maybe 'safe' isn't the right word — in Be. Leadership, Lesley and I ban a few words and 'safe' is one of them, because you can't develop and change if you need to feel safe all the time. And living in fear is a miserable existence.

So maybe it's more about trust. The world doesn't feel very trusting, nor trustworthy, right now. 

Donald Trump, it's speculated, won the US elections because the system was rigged in his favour. Here's a short video that explains how.

So we can't trust democracy.

New Zealand suffered another devastating earthquake yesterday — the lower north and upper south islands are still experiencing after shocks as I write. Moreover, scientis are saying NZ is moving to a "period of more earthquakes".

So we can't trust the land.

Rates of stress, anxiety, depression and mental dis-ease are rising to an all time high, due to poverty, inequality, homelessness, abuse, etc. People are isolated, busy, unreliable, angry and violent in ways I've not experienced before.

So we can't trust people.

Climate change is creating bizarre, unsettled weather patterns, currently being experienced by Wellington, on top of aftershocks.

So we can't trust the environment.

Threats of cyber-warfare continue to loom imminent, particularly in response to political turmoil.

So we can't trust the internet.

Planned obsolescence is a key strategy to promote consumerism and capitalism. Things are designed to break and to be cheaper to replace than repair.

So we can't trust our stuff.

Philosopher Onora O'Neill argues that the need for more trust should be met by the commitment to be trustworthy. But how can we ask democracy, the land, hurting people,  the environment, the internet and our stuff to "please be more trustworthy?"

Of course we can't.

So what we are left with is us. Our influence on these systems and processes are governed by our values and attitudes. We have made these things untrustworthy.

We need to be talking to the Trumps and climate skeptics and maanufacturers and abusers and one percent and extremists. We need to be saying, "Please, you must become more trustworthy," and then show them how to be competent, reliable and honest, by modelling these ourselves.

Then the world might start feeling safe again.

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