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Overarching Aim

The overarching aim of the role is to ensure my personal physical support needs are met efficiently.

Hi I'm Philip Patston. You may remember me from my ten-year career as a comedian and entertainer. I’m not as committed to comedy as I used to be, but it was a great way to get known.

l began my career as a counsellor and social worker. Over the past 15 years, I've combined working with people, entertaining and running a consulting business. I now run a business and non-profit trust, helping people find innovative ways to respond to diversity, creativity and change.

I have what I prefer to call unique function, aka disability. I use a wheelchair and, at present, live with chronic lower back pain I seek one or more people to join a team who ensure my personal physical support needs are met efficiently, with respect and dignity, and to assist me to achieve autonomy in my lifestyle. I've lost the use of one of my hands so I urgently need more support— as yet I don't know if it will be temporary or permanent.

Responsibilities include supporting me to dress, eat, manage medication, look after my dog and keep my living and work space clean, tidy and organised. 

You need to be comfortable both working under pressure and, at times, occupying yourself while I'm working. You need to be practical, easy-going and sociable.

In the past, I've employed art, architecture, nursing, physio, occupational therapy, social and community work students, as well as a few activists. This role works for people who are interested in learning about themselves, others and how the world works.

A key part of the success of this role is whether we get on or not. A good sense of humour along with openness to and interest in diversity is essential. If you are earnest, evangelical or egotistical, or are offended by swearing or social drinking, this role won't work for you. You need to be in a space in your life where you are willing to take a background role and be confident that your role is valued and important. You need to be relaxed but responsible, reliable but adaptable, supportive but not overbearing.

You must manage your own transport.

I particularly welcome applications from people who identify as queer or trans.


To apply use the form below or email the information requested to philip@diversitynz.com