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Society is changing faster and faster. Cultures are becoming more and more intermingled; gender and sexual identity have become less and less binary; and our ability to function increases in complexity due to technological and medical advancement.

We need a new way to think about ourselves and each other. We need to acknowledge the increasing complexity and rapid change occurring in humanity. We need a way to accept who we are and, having done that, we need new conversations that enhance peace and love and that eradicate fear, hate and misunderstanding.

Through Diversity New Zealand I lead these new conversations and give others the capacity to continue them.

My expertise is developing leadership capacity in the areas of diversity, complexity and change. I work with individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

I draw on a diverse range of skills when working with clients, including:

  • public speaking
  • facilitation
  • leading
  • advising
  • mentoring
  • coaching
  • managing
  • writing.

My style is based on my broad professional development in counselling, social work, creative and social entrepreneurship, and leadership. I combine this with my somewhat paradoxical life experience as a queer, caucasian man with unique function (disability). I also had a fifteen-year career as a professional, award-winning comedian (1997-2012).

I draw on a diverse range of skills when working with clients, including facilitation, public speaking, advising, mentoring, coaching, leading, managing and writing.

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(Updated July 2015)

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