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Though I specialise in the realms of leadership, diversity, creativity and change, there are a number of roles in which I work. Whatever role I take, a by-product of working with me is the understanding and confidence you'll get to lead creative thinking about diversity that results in constructive social change.

Diversity workshop and conversation facilitation, conference keynotes and other speaking

You will discover new ways to approach and respond to your customers, clients, colleagues or students. You'll handle conflict more easily, you'll find different ways to strategise and plan, you'll enjoy your work and life more. And you'll feel excited and confident about making meaningful, lasting personal, organisational and social change.

You'll benefit from the last 25 years I have spent speaking professionally, running workshops and providing professional consulting services to numerous Government agencies, common good organisations (non-profits), schools and businesses.

Finally, you'll get the real deal — me. My own experience of diversity — being gay, disabled, white and male — means I can show you how knowing about other people is nowhere near as important as knowing yourself. Our diversity isn't our labels and categories, it's something much, much more interesting. Read more »

Strategic advice, mentoring and coaching

Over the years I've been involved in starting up and running several non-profit and other entities. I advise on drafting trust deeds and strategic planning; mentor leaders and coach staff. I'm available to help resolve conflict and facilitate team-building. I've even consulted on, scripted and presented educational DVDs.

Project leadership and management

I am available to lead or manage projects in a variety of areas including sexual, gender and functional diversity, social change and creativity. I can adapt my approach from oversight and advice to day-to-day operations.

Copywriting, editing and proof-reading

I've had over twenty years experience writing off- and online on a myriad of topics. I have a high degree of command over the English language and can add flair to any form of communication.

Branding, marketing and social media

There are a lot of specialists in these areas who charge like wounded bulls. Believe me, it's not as difficult as they make it out to be. I'll give you some down-to-earth support to define and promote what you do or produce.

Online systems — websites, Google Docs, scheduling, file sharing

Ok, I'm a bit of a geek. I've designed and managed many websites in my time and, if you're looking to get your team using the internet to work smarter, I know all the easy, inexpensive solutions available on the web. I'll teach everyone to use them, too.

Something else?

If I can't do it, chances are I'll know someone who can. Just ask.

(Updated Dec 2014)